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Diana Orlandi was born in Milan, Italy; but you would never know it from talking to her. Other PCSA board members speculate that she must be ashamed of her Italian heritage, because she never EVER brings it up. When asked why she speaks with an accent, Diana mumbled something about “Arkansas” before running away from this reporter. When she's not busy planning PCSA events, Diana enjoys thinking up perfect color combinations for Christmas tree ornaments and wishing she was cool enough to be in the Nursing School like her BFF, and fellow board member, Susanna. Diana is also passionate about breaking glass ceilings. Not only was she a boy scout for 10 years, but upon enrolling at Penn she promptly joined a fraternity. PCSA has supported this frat star in all of her endeavors but many members confided that they would prefer if Diana referred to them by name rather than as “bro.”


Service Chair

Ana Bautista is a Wharton student from Jacksonville, Florida. An ex-president of PCSA, Ana has very much checked out now that her term is over. She skips most board meetings, and when she does show up, board members speculate that she might under the influence of hallucinogenic substances. These whispers are seemingly backed up by Ana's new obsession with panda bears. She exclusively wears panda themed hoodies, and she carries around a miniature Panda statue with her at all times that she rubs compulsively for good luck. In her spare time, Ana can be found locked in her dorm, munching on olives while watching panda documentaries on the Discovery Channel. These behaviors have started to concern many board members, but they have not yet reached the point of intervention. However, our prayers are with Ana.


Social CHair

Susanna Buff is a Nursing student from Brooklyn, New York who is also minoring in Health Care Management. She'll be the first to tell you that she liked Brooklyn before it was cool. But now that Brooklyn has become “too mainstream”, she has moved back to the suburbs of New York to serve on the front lines of the culture war against the bourgeoisie. Being the exact middle child in a family with 5 kids, Susanna suffers from vicious case of “middle child syndrome.” Susanna is the self-proclaimed “PCSA Queen of Instagram.” She religiously posts selfies, pictures of the sunset, and pictures of her dog in alternating order at 3 hour intervals. Another fun fact about this future health care administrator is that she actually goes to every single Sunday Mass to scout out potential future husbands. In Susanna's own words, “My trophy husband isn't going to find himself, and what better place is there to look than Mass?”


Spiritual Chair

Nick Moncy is a Visual Studies major, from Miami, FL. Many in PCSA consider him to be the renaissance man of the Catholic community at Penn. This salad aficionado qualified for the Olympics as a marathon runner, but chose to stay home to build houses for the homeless. Nick has defeated Bobby Flay in a chicken pot pie cook-off, and Kate Middleton has personally commissioned him to paint all of her portraits in Buckingham Palace. This stud also moonlights as a semi-professional swing dancer, and is the top ranked Mario Kart player in the world. However, Nick also has a very dark secret…he doesn't have a middle name! This omission of his identity has been source of tremendous existential angst all of his life. However, he's used it as a massive chip on his shoulder to train himself diligently in all of his endeavors, and become PCSA's very own rockstar. In his very limited free-time, Nick enjoys reading the New Testament to his cat, Moses.


Daria lives in Millstone, NJ, which is defined by most as “a big field with random farms”, however don't let appearances fool you, because Six Flags is only five minutes away and reliable sources told us already at age 3 Daria could be found on the fastest rollercoasters. Secretly a superhero, she plans to save the world. In the meanwhile, she is majoring in BBB and neuroscience and hopes to get a PhD. In her free time, she volunteers with MERT and spends her shifts biking around campus looking for wounded birds to rescue and kittens stuck on trees. She also likes reading science fiction books and philosophy books about the origin of the universe. Last semester she went back to the motherland Poland last semester and ate enough pierogis to build a replica of the Wawel castle. Obsessed with cats, she made sure to pet every single cat in Poland. Like, all of them. Still working on the American ones.


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*Bio will be uploaded soon, our detectives are still working*


Social Media

We are thrilled to welcome Alaina to the Board!

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We are thrilled to welcome Claire to the Board!

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We are thrilled to welcome Alissa to the Board!

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